Wednesday, October 31, 2007

inspiration today {.bookcase.}

Nice. I love the way things are arranged here. Look at how the folder colors match the rest of the accessories and the wall. But with this sort of arrangement, I'd only be able to fit 1/100th of my books.

bookcase, originally uploaded by SaitsaN.

i like {.jill bliss animal print notecards.}

I don't celebrate Christmas. But I will not say no to this gift from ::blissen:: by jill bliss + saelee oh:

inspiration today {.the french bedrooms.}

Delicious bedrooms. Found today from Marie Claire Maison:

See how tiny the actual room is (above)

I <3 quirky bookcases

I can point to so many things that make this bedroom unique

Talk about pink and orange

The gilded frame does it

intro {. WHY oh WHY.}

I often get inspiration overload from the world wide web. So many beautiful things, cute stuff, adorable pieces, 'wow' palettes. Be it vintage, crafty, or quirky. It's a crazy, creative world out here. I need a place, an online notebook, a web scrapbook, to jot down all these things I like that I find from the web. Thus, this place.